Discover the Mayan Culture

Worth of bed when you’ve had enough beach time, hit the road and head to the site of the UNESCO World Heritage Biosphere Reserve Sian Ka’an, a strip of protected land surrounded by lagoons, beaches and a section of the Mesoamerican Reef.

Study the flora and fauna with bilingual guides.

Take a tour to visit the ruins of Muyil and float on channels that connect Sian Ka’an.

Kayak tour passes wonderful hours on Kayak in the Sian Ka’an, with guides in your language that will take you through the most beautiful places you must see on your visit to this beautiful place.

Visit the ruins of the walled city of Tulum. Is believed to be home to 40,000 Mayans, the pre-Columbian ruins of Coba – about 27 miles from Tulum – are generally less crowded.
You will find two lakes and the highest pyramid of the Yucatan Peninsula
Amid this jungle site.

Well marked trails to keep cyclists pedaling the surrounding beaches. Rent some wheels.

For great adventurers: exploring cenotes in one dive (especially we love Dos Ojos and the smallest of Gran Cenote).

Traditional beachfront yoga or Paddle Yoga. Questions in front desk for the best options.

Get a relaxing massage just in front of the beach, let all that stress go away.


Kiteboarding is an extreme sport of gliding over water in wich the wind propels a Kite attached to its body in a harness, so it can navigate a table in the waves and maneuver in the air. In Alma Tulum Hotel we have a Kite School where you can learn and practice kitesurf in the most friendly way.


*Appointment needed.

Indispensable a good weather for lessons and practices. For more information ask at front desk.