Get a relaxing massage just in front of the beach, let all that stress go away.


*Improves skin appereance.

*Activate the bloodstream.

*Acts on the metabolism and has a positive psychological effect on the patient, you will feel more relaxed and relieved.

Pressure is applied directly to the sore área and is mainteined until no more resistance, in this technique the pressure is applied with hands, elbows, fingers and knucles, the aim is to apply optimal pressure to loose the affected muscle and give it flexibility.

We know that the use of essential oils can be beneficial and ideal for a variety of disorders and diseases. Aromatherapy stands for precisely that medicinal use of the different propierties extracted from plants. They can be useful for the person to combat stress or anxiety, they are also used for skin improvement.


*It prevents premature aging and minimize fine lines.

*Minimizes bags under de eye.

*Relieves mosquito bites and infections.

*Relieves sun burns.

*Controls acne.